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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Easy" - Daisy The Great

"Easy" is a song describing the utmost relief that one gets by finally calling it quits on a toxic relationship. It really is a sad thing to think about the fact that some relationships are so harmful that it's the best move to just end the relationship entirely. The pain and pure unhappiness that such a relationship brings makes the ending more freeing than it does painful. Breaking up has to be one of the hardest decisions to make in life, but it must be done if there's more crying in the relationship than there is laughter. Daisy The Great produced such a gentle-sounding piece and graces listeners with their sweet voices singing on this topic. This song is nothing but elegant and brings so much peace, even while describing such a melancholy topic.

The song begins with an ethereal melody, setting the dreamlike tone that carries on throughout the entire song. The drums and guitar have a light and airy sound, mixing perfectly with the vocals of the piece. Mina and Kelley's vocals complement one another extraordinarily well and hold the same airy tone that the melody possesses. Both artists sing in different octaves but relatively hold the same delicate pitch. I have never been exposed to such calming vocals before and am absolutely in love with both of their voices. In the last minute of the song, the pace slows down a bit, making the guitar and vocals a lot more prominent. As for the lyrics, they beautifully express the story of getting out of the trap which is a toxic relationship. The lyrics heavily emphasize the serenity that comes with removing such a harmful situation from one's life. Due to the calming nature of this piece and its beauty, this song is absolutely addicting to listen to.

Daisy The Great is a pop indie band comprised of Kelley Dugan and Mina Walker, two musically inclined friends who met at NYU. Dugan has always lived in New York while Walker moved to New York from New Orleans. They decided to come together to form their band in 2016, and released their debut album I'm Not Getting Any Taller in January 2019. They have opened for artists including the Indigo Girls, Sidney Gish, and Samia. They are currently on tour until the end of September and are working on their second studio album.

Written By Melina Darlas



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