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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Edge of a Feeling" - Blair Davie

With the release of their debut EP, It'll Be Lovely, Blair Davie reconciles the driving force of love with the complexities of undergoing internal change. Across four tracks, the singer/songwriter demonstrates a rousing urgency to their explorations of new beginnings. Tracks such as "Lovely" sound freshly freed of their weight, like Davie is trying on a brand new skin. The engine seemed to accelerate off the sheer excitement in their voice. The closing track, "Edge of a Feeling" bursts out of the gate, like a cool blast of air. The song doesn't merely build off of the momentum of "Lovely," it uses it as a launchpad to achieve a sky-scraping lift off. Waves of distortion and thumping drums add gas to Davie's most energized pop melody to date. The chorus is truly show-stopping, with the singer delivering a go-for-broke vocal performance that manages to match the frenzied instrumentation. With "Edge of a Feeling," Blair Davie closes out a debut EP that does what most artists only dream to accomplish with their first project. It burnishes the dreamy, acoustic songwriting of their earlier singles while offering fans an exciting taste of their limitless potential.

It's fitting that a song so unbridled in sound would lyrically map out the path to living freely. Misled by their anxieties, Davie finally breaks free of prior hesitancies and worst-case scenarios. "Same doors, same walls, same thoughts inside my head," they list in the first verse. "I've been running, and running, and running in the wrong direction." The repetition captures the cycle of anxiety: moving tirelessly but going nowhere. With the newfound sense of identity and self-love, they find the courage to chase the storm. "There's no place to jump like the deep end." What once looked like red lights now illuminate the path ahead. It's a world of possibilities that we often hold ourselves back from. "I've been lost, but I don't regret it," they conclude. Sometimes you have to be lost to find yourself.

Since they were a teenager, Blair Davie has been writing music and fronting bands. The Scottish singer/songwriter went on to release their solo music in 2022. The following string of singles showcased an artist dropping rockstar personas to represent themselves honestly and authentically. With it, came self discovery and a newfound confidence; "Him, Hymm," notably saw the artist coming out to friends and family as non-binary. With their debut EP's release, Davie establishes themselves as a true pop force. After supporting Sam Fisher and 86TV on their UK and European tours, Davie will return in December to join Corook on tour.

Written By Andy M.

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