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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Ego" - Kaeley Jade

“Ego” is a soulful pop ballad about the repercussions of unhealthy relationships on mental health. Being able to recognize a toxic relationship is already difficult enough, and the scars that these types of relationships leave afterward are hard to see and heal from. Oftentimes, closure is never found, and it’s tough to pick up the pieces and soldier on. The beautiful imagery that Jade immerses us in only paints a more harrowing picture of all the complex emotions she’s struggling with.

Jade’s velvet-lined voice is mature as she conveys her raw emotions into the song. A mixture of indie-pop with cloud-lined production, Jade’s throaty voice shines especially in the climax. The narrative that she crafted finds a refreshing way of untangling complex feelings in a simple line. The atmosphere of this song hangs over every lyric, setting the loaded and tension-filled mood of the piece. But Jade’s voice clearly cuts through the fog, projecting into our minds, hearts, and souls.

Kaeley Jade is an Edmonton-based Métis singer/songwriter with a voice that’s as lush as velvet. She’s especially known for weaving together rich imagery with catchy hooks to craft music that’s both reflective and lively. Drawing on influences from Maggie Rogers and the Lumineers, Jade looks to explore and craft narratives around relationships within the indie-pop genre. Jade is no stranger to the spotlight, performing on stages like the Edmonton’s Indigenous Peoples Festival, the Big Valley Jamboree, and Tkaronto Music Festival. Already marking her place in the limelight, Kaeley Jade is sure to continue to impress.

Written By Megan Cao



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