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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Electric Nights" - Emmrose

Photo Credits: Crios

We have all been let down at one point in our lives, and it can leave us in despair, feeling isolated from those around us. The feeling can become so dramatic that it feels like a moment in a film where the character has reached their limit and has given up. Emmrose’s latest single, “Electric Nights” is an emotional dream pop experience that tells the story of someone who has been hurt and is now all alone. The song is built with 80s synths that transport listeners into classic films we all love. The cinematic nature of the song is what really sells it to listeners, and Emmrose executes this style very well. Emmrose’s “Electric Nights” perfectly captures the narrative of disappointment and loneliness which is a common aspect of human nature and presents it in an interesting musical presentation.

The song has a beautiful introduction and it’s entertaining enough to where you could listen to the first 10 seconds of the song on repeat if you wanted to. Emmrose’s voice melts in the song and perfectly brings life into her lyrics. The song is calm yet still deeply emotional enough to move listeners. The song truly does make listeners feel as if they are standing still while everyone around them is moving at a faster pace. There are elements in the song that are reminiscent of famous 80s pop stars and it helps capture the hearts of listeners, that sense of familiarity. The chorus of the song gets stuck in your head without having to try too hard and this is where we get to hear Emmrose do more with her vocal performance. Ending with the line “guess I’ll just drive home” feels like the perfect way to wrap up the track because it feels like it adds closure to the character’s arc; that acceptance in their situation and that there is nothing left to do except leave. The song ends the credits start rolling and this perfectly captured story stays in your hearts as Emmrose has exceeded with her song “Electric Nights.”

Emmrose is a young artist from New York who has been releasing music since 2019. She released her debut EP, Hopeless Romantics, back in 2020. During the Covid lockdown, she decided to stay busy with her music career and would do weekly digital performances from her home. During this time, she also released 18 singles, and in 2020, Hopeless Romantics won Best Pop Album in the 2020 W.A.M. Awards. For her single, "Electric Nights,” she worked with Richard Orofino whom she has collaborated in the past. Her album, “Thorns,” is set to be released on August 22nd of this year. Emmrose is truly an artist with an interesting style and such a talent that you don’t want to miss.

Written By Chantal Charles


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