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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Electricity" - Jess Irvine

"Electricity" is a heartfelt and vulnerable song from singer-songwriter Jess Irvine. The track contains so much nuance and reflection from the singer-songwriter about various struggles through her life. The song stands as a glimmer of hope within all of this struggle, as it captures the feeling of making it through. She uses the concept of electricity to express the catharsis and freedom she experiences living in the present, having tackled so much challenge. "Electricity" gives listeners an appreciation for their struggles, and allows them to celebrate their growth. With Jess Irvine wearing her heart out on her sleeve, the track has an authentic vulnerability and soft sound that is irresistible.

The instrumentals of "Electricity" truly capture the catharsis, and freedom Jess Irvine is singing about. With that, the song really does sound like the electricity she sings about. The soundscape is both uplifting and soft, due to the presence of both pop and folk influences. The integration of these two genres is done so beautifully, and creates an authentic sound for the track. The folk element really brings the song together as it gives it a rawness, and completeness that perfectly matches the kind of content in which Jess Irvine is singing about. The use of guitar gives "Electricity" a similar effect, making the song sound all the more free and electrifying.

Jess Irvine is a wonderful folk-pop singer-songwriter. Her haunting and soft voice provides a unique essence to her tracks, that make them authentically her own. Her new release "Electricity" and previously released tracks are a testament to her talent as both a writer and musician. Getting to collaborate with established musicians Jess Irvine has previous success with singles such as "New Moon" and "Wild Wild Me." Her music is the perfect addition to any summer day, or hike through the mountains. Jess Irvine is leaving her much needed and appreciated mark on the folk-pop music scene.

Written By Alison Holst


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