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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Elephant In The Room" - Rowan Drake

Rowan Drake’s newest single, “Elephant In The Room” is a trio of emotional heartache; folding regret, sorrow and pity into one. The self-reflecting ballad addresses him losing the one person he cares about the most because of his negligence during the relationship. By the time he realizes what he has done, it is too late to save it. Love and memories have already begun to uncontrollably slip through his fingers, forcing the relationship to expire. The song shows him trying to ignore the truth, despite its colossal appearance. Soaked in lamentable acceptance and poignant vulnerability, the song rings out a hard lesson learned: your choices, or lack thereof, have repercussions.

Like the aftermath of a stone thrown across still water, Rowan’s passionate vocals have a ripple effect on the lyrics’ solemnity, heavily conveying his distress in the chorus, “My love, our world has split in two/ I’ve given all I have but still, I’ll find a way/ And I’ll just suffocate as you ignore/ The elephant in the room.” The production provides a strong structure for the words, with the soft caress of acoustic guitar strums, heart-pounding drums and the whirlwind of voice reverb. Though the instrumentation portrays a glum appearance, the ending shows a bittersweet picture as the words, “You stare into space/ And I just fade away” softly disappear into thin air, allowing nothing but his pain to echo on.

Rowan Drake was not always an aspiring musician. Growing up in Ithaca New York, his dream was to become a professional snowboarder. Unfortunately, this plan was thrown off course from an unprecedented injury. Switching lanes, he decided to pursue music, moving to LA and signing a record deal with Atlantic Records/Arthouse. There is a reason why his path was directed toward the industry, as he has since released six singles and quickly garnered over 20k followers on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. With his high engagement on social media and dedication to his musical craft, Rowan Drake is quickly becoming a star in the making.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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