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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Emotional Trainwreck” - Magz

When struggling with your mental health, everything in your life can seem like a negative, including your views of yourself. In her new song, “Emotional Trainwreck,” singer and songwriter Magz explores how one’s negative mental health can lead to the end of a relationship, and how sometimes it’s the best course of action to take. I haven’t related to a song this much in a while, and while for me, I let go of platonic relationships, it just goes to show how anyone can really connect to this song. The lyrics are beautifully written, and really allow for you, the listener, to really understand what she could have been going through writing this song. “Thank you for loving me, but I don’t love myself,” I think was the lyric that hit the hardest for me, and I applaud Magz for writing a song that I and so many others could really connect to. Whether I had to say goodbye to a friend or put some distance between a family member and myself, I can recall feeling that exact same thing.

The song opens in an almost cinematic way. It almost sounds like a whole orchestra is leading up to the initial verse. I wouldn’t call this an upbeat song, but the instrumentals make it seem very lively compared to the lyrics. It’s kind of easing, in a way. The music is a nice contrast to the lyrics, and I feel that if a different tone for the instrumentals were to be used, the massage would have been delivered in a much different way. So, I’d say that it was the perfect accompaniment for this song! I also want to talk a little about Magz’s voice. She sticks to using a deep head voice for the majority of the song, and you can really hear the emotion in her voice. It’s beautiful, and I’m glad I got to experience it!

Magz is an independent singer, songwriter, and producer working in New York City. She loves making music with indie-pop, alternative, and folk styles. On Spotify, Magz receives around 24 thousand monthly streams for her songs. She has been releasing music since 2020, her first single titled “Sorry,” and since then has gone on to release five more singles! Her debut EP, Night Sweats, was released on July 21, and consists of seven songs, including “Emotional Trainwreck.” This song was, in my opinion, nothing short of perfect. It was emotional, relatable, and beautiful. I cannot wait to hear what Magz releases next!

Written By Isabel Mays



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