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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Emotions" - Steerner

Steerner’s latest single, “Emotions”, is a romantic ode to his lover. The song begins with him saying that he gets drunk on a Monday and high on a Wednesday. These behaviors on mundane weekdays paints the picture that he is “down in the deep”. But then he sings that his partner is “dragging” him up and making him feel like he “is enough” for them. When Steerner wants to feel emotions, he turns to his partner. The darkness he feels throughout the week fades away when he is with them. The remaining lyrics then paint the picture of two lovers looking into each other’s eyes and seeing their future.

The perfect summer love song is here. “Emotions” is the type of song you blast in your car with your friends while heading to the beach for the weekend. The incredible electronica pop song gets stuck in the head of every listener. EDM is known for its intense beat drops and chaotic rhythms. However, “Emotions”, has a rather steady beat with no intense drops.This feels intentional, as if the production represents how comfortable and happy he is feeling in this relationship. The first few lines show the darkness in Steerner’s life, but then it lights up when the lyrics reveal this is a love song to the one person that brings him out of the dark. This upbeat, catchy song is the picture-perfect song playing at the end of a romantic comedy when the two leads finally get their happy ending together

Steerner is a pop & EDM artist from Stockholm, Sweden. He has gained support from many artists of the genre, including the late EDM legend, Avicii. His single, “I Wouldn’t Lie”, has over 10 million streams on Spotify, where he has 355,686 monthly listeners. Steerner is known for his upbeat, feel-good music that has the ability to get anyone up and onto the dance floor. He has also provided his skills to Disney. The soundtrack to the 2017 movie, Coco, features Steerner’s remix to Miguel’s song, “Remember Me”. He has worked with other prolific artists, such as The Chainsmokers and Alan Walker. Steerner has made a name for himself and continues to thrive in the electronic scene.

Written By Karlee Smith



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