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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "End Like This" - MATT TAYLOR

In the summertime, the sun rays beat down on you as you tan by the pool. You use sunscreen to keep from getting burned. The warmer weather can bring on a time for romance. Summer love is exciting, but its duration can be short-lived. Unfortunately, you can’t protect yourself from a broken heart in the way that you protect yourself from a sunburn. In “End Like This,” Matt Taylor reflects on the ending of a summer love.

“End Like This” definitely qualifies as a summertime jam. The electric drum makes for a great dance beat from the get-go. I liked the progression of the song and how the verse kind of explodes into the chorus. In the first verse, Taylor sings about canceling the date and the music seems slow and calm. The music picks up considerably on the words, “how did it end like this?” It is as if he is using this change to express anger and sadness. It added depth to the song, and I enjoyed how seamless it was.

Matt Taylor is originally from Dublin, Ireland. Some of his musical inspirations include Taylor Swift and Lorde. If you enjoyed “End Like This,” you should check out Taylor’s other song, “April 13th.” It is similar to “End Like This” in that it centers around lost love. It still contains the electronic sound, but the song is slower and more reflective rather than upbeat. Whatever the style, Taylor uses his powerful gift of storytelling through music!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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