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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Endless Summer" - Alan Walker x Zak Abel

Summer is a universal feeling. It’s warm air and impromptu weekends at the beach. It's no responsibilities and the feeling that you can do anything. Pair this with the return of a past love, and one would be practically over the moon hoping that summer never ends. Alan Walker and Zak Abel’s recent collaboration “Endless Summer” describes this very feeling. The two joined together to create a song of the summer, and have certainly done just that. Lyrics that truthfully tell a story matched with an electronic beat has listeners begging for another drop (and more hot summer days to dance to this song during).

The song opens with an electric guitar riff and a quick beat drop into the first verse. The face paced nature of the song feels like summer itself, always on the move and always getting into new and fun experiences. The song moves into the chorus where the two sing about their euphoric feeling, stating, “No time for regret, no time for sleep, yeah / Not fucking leaving, when you're with me, yeah / I got that feeling again, like it's an endless summer”. The feeling they have with their love by their side is unlike any before, and they can’t help but hope that it lasts forever. Filled with dynamic beat drops and an EDM-esqe soundscape, Walker and Abel clearly know how to make a feel-good track.

Alan Walker is a 25 year old Norwegian music producer. He has amassed over 32 million monthly Spotify listeners, and specializes in electric pop and bass, bringing together tracks that rival the beats in “Endless Summer”. His blowout song is a track released in 2015 titled “Faded”, who’s popularity truly kickstarted his career. Zak Abel is a 28 year old English singer-songwriter signed by Atlantic Records. He specializes in pop, and has supplied guest vocals and lyrics for artists such as Kygo, Zayn, and John Legend. The two clearly have the accolades to support a quality song like this one, and all listeners can do is hope for another top-tier collaboration. Follow along the social media below to keep an eye out for more music from the two.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni




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