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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Euphoria" - Robert Grace

“Euphoria” explores the complicated feelings behind watching yourself hide from your own self-inflicted problems. You have become so used to giving into temptation that you see no way out for yourself. Everyday brings a glimmer of hope, but it always turns out to be another escape. Each form of escapism that you dive into serves as a temporary solution. Others who were once greatly involved in your life slowly get out of reach. The pain you feel from their absence is so great that therapy rarely helps. The things you have learned to pour your feelings into offer euphoric sensations, but their benefits never last. Whoever has left you finds solace in other, healthier, means like church and distance from their past. What remains within you is a realization that the hand your life has dealt you is not ideal. You have learned that what you are able to do is keep newcomers company, but never give advice based on the life you have lived.

“Euphoria” is an alt pop anthem that utilizes different musical elements to create an emotional and ambient experience. We begin with an acapella choral ensemble comprised of Robert Grace’s vocals. These choir vocals remain consistent throughout each chorus and really work to bring out the narrative. The ambient instrumentation reverberates throughout this single and compliments the vocality. They intertwine and never outdo or overwhelm each other. The lyricism is one of the most standout aspects. Each line perfectly encapsulates the feelings of someone going through such strenuous and complicated self-inflicted hardships. Every integration of a different instrument or ambience encapsulates the complex narrative.

Robert Grace is an Irish singer-songwriter and TikTok star. His growing influence in music through social media can be seen through his many accolades. In Ireland, he was ranked #1 on TikTok’s “Year on TikTok 2022”, as well as being the third most viewed Irish TikTok artist. He became an international success with his single “Casper”, which has received millions of streams on multiple music streaming platforms. It first gained popularity when he posted a TikTok video with his son singing, which went on to receive over 25 million views. He is well known for his performances in the UK and has performed many sold out shows on his German tour. He will begin performing in the US at The Flamingo Cantina on March 15th of this year. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “Euphoria” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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