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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Evaporate" - Global Hypersynth

The release of their latest single, Evaporate, has been a much-anticipated drop for fans of the enigmatically electric duo, Global Hypersynth. An infectious synthwave choon, driven by catchy lines like "I just wanna dance", that is sure to make the audience want to get up and groove along with its intoxicating melodies. The vision is clear with this one – Global Hypersynth went in the lab and concocted a pulsating ditty intended to make listeners feel the auditory magnetism vibrate from head to toe. This track is pure fun and doesn't feel the need to delve into the minutiae of played-out storytelling that, quite frankly, already seems to oversaturate todays pop soundscape. Instead, Evaporate harkens on simple, clean lyrics that pair perfectly with its ultra-stimulating beat to create a groovy song for listeners to enjoy from start to finish.

Evaporate is a vocal dance banger that blends elements of electro, trance, and progressive house. The track opens with a kick drum and a side-chained bassline, a classic pairing for any dance floor. The song introduces new layers of production-like arpeggiated synthesizers and clap fill-ins that keep the sound dynamic. The vocal performance finds a way to shine through the stacks of instrument tracks – while remaining crisp and clean, yet still atmospheric. There is a tasteful dose of reverb and delay on the vocals that really contributes to the dreamy soundscape the song offers. By the end of the tune, there are layers of vocal runs and effects swirling around to artfully bring the track to its final climax.

Global Hypersynth is a UK-based producer and writer partnership that has been putting out some truly timeless synth pop anthems inspired by Disco House. The tandem credits Daft Punk, Purple Disco Machine, Chromeo, Todd Terje, Breakbot, Kungs, Mirwe, "some crazy Italo Disco acts and a host of old French House legends" as being extremely influential in helping to craft the duo's iconic sound. Global Hypersynth is relatively new to the music scene, having just begun putting out tracks within the last few years, but their ever-evolving discography continues to grow and impress international House/Pop fans and critics, alike. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their next single, Always Have The Music, dropping May 24th – followed by the release of their debut album the very next month, on June 24th.

Written By Dan Caddigan



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