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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Every Thought Of You" - GT_Ofice x ALWZ SNNY

EDM has become synonymous with the night's intensity. Alternatively, "Every Thought of You" sounds bathed in warm, California rays. The synths are plucky and spry, yet their edges have been softened to a gentle pulse, allowing for the dance beat to hold control of the pace. Words aside, the vocals have a similar quality and role as the song's synths. The cherubic falsetto is nearly whispered throughout the entirety of the single, lending it a serene vibe. While indisputably an EDM track—carrying genre trademarks, such as its crescendoing risers and vocal sampling—there's the two artists' characteristic charm and happiness breathing space into the mix. While genre peers have a tendency to dampen electronic music's color in sweaty fervor, GT_Ofice and ALWZ SNNY remind us that the dancefloor is meant to spark joy.

Lyrically, "Every Thought Of You" is earnest and saccharine. Many of the lines sound like text messages to a significant other—trying to find the right words to express affection. "Been dreaming about you every night" is later intensified with "want you to hold me every night." These simple, yet personal confessions feel right at home in the warm bed of the synth soundscape. That they weave and blend into a cohesive mosaic allows "Every Thought Of You" to capture its insular vibe for the sustained three minutes. It's like snapping the perfect photograph—the morning sun's halo effect creating the most captivating glow—and then living in that moment for as long as your smile can last.

GT_Ofice has made a big splash in the EDM space since his debut in 2019. A frequent collaborator, the Billboard-charting artist has brought a consistently positive quality to each project he embarks on. Prior to the release of "Every Thought Of You," GT_Ofice's single "Never Together" remained on the Billboard Dance/Mixshow airplay charts for seven weeks.

ALWZ SNNY is an American DJ/Producer/creator with an iconic sun-faced mask. The artist likens his blend of EDM and upbeat sound to "happy house." As an internationally recognized producer, ALWZ SNNY has also gained major traction through festival appearances and fantastic collaborations. He has a persistent positivity and empathy that shines through in his music, combining synths and live instruments.

Written By Andy Mockbee




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