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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Everything's Fine" - NOEL x Tessa Odden

Scandinavian pop newcomer NOEL just released the emotive "Everything's Fine" in duet with Oslo-based singer Tessa Odden. Inspired by NOEL's feelings around "what ifs" and "what could have beens" with past relationships, the lyrics explore feeling regret and wishing that you could wake up one day and have the person you love back in your life. With rich vocals set over a piano-driven production, NOEL has crafted a sound that could be compared to Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur. The track is elevated with the addition of Odden's gentle vocals. The pair recorded this song one day in Stockholm.

Beginning with NOEL's vocals, the song start with him reflecting on a relationship and missing this person. The dreamlike chorus is an expression of an ideal world, where they are together and everything is better. This is depicted with lyrics like "Then we fight about who loves the other more and / It's fine 'cause you're still mine / Everything's fine." The track builds into the second verse, where Odden comes in with her passionate vocals. As Odden adds in harmonizing layers over the second half of the track, the pair really pull you into the feelings of desperation, regret, and longing that the lyrics convey.

First gaining attention through bedroom covers on TikTok, NOEL released his first single "When You're Not Mine" just in 2023. He originally had football dreams, but a knee injury at age 17 propelled him to switch his focus to music. "Everything's Fine" marks another single in anticipation of his debut EP Headed North releasing on March 8, 2024. Tessa Odden is an established singer-songwriter with over 80 million streams on Spotify. The two's duet came together after NOEL discovered her on Spotify and fell in love with her voice. If you enjoyed this track, make sure to check out the rest of their discographies.

Written By Sydney Gray




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