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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Excuses" - Seiichi

Whenever you felt like you had the perfect thing to say but didn't, "Excuses," by Seiichi should definitely be added to those late night, "I'm feeling confused and I don't know what to do," playlists at 3:00AM. Seiichi created a peaceful yet impactful catchy melody with a steady and pulsating beat that gradually increases as the artist gets to the chorus of the song. This song, "Excuses," emotionally challenges all of us, not to think of a time where we felt conflicted in a relationship but when we do, we should just lay down and vibe with Seiichi.

This is a song that emphasizes love and desire specifically towards coming up with 'excuses.' What is so fascinating is that over the course of the entire song, it never contains or makes a reference to the word, "excuses. To me this is ironic since it seems like Seiichi is making 'excuses' from saying the word. However, the peaceful strumming and calming yet impactful melodic phrases allow the listeners to imply that one of the 'lovers' in the storyline of the song, never has sometime nice to say to the other and makes excuses on why they 'need a little time,' to the point where the other lover which I assume is Seiichi is fed up with the statements, promises and the false commitments and blatantly and humorously sings, "Did I even ask?"

Seiichi is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer from the city of Seattle. What makes Seiichi so charming and captivating, is not only from his looks but his eloquent voice, especially when giving us some perfect falsetto moments within his songs. He is set to perform at many of Seattle's top venues and is slated to perform at the city's premier music festival, Capital Hill Block Party, in Summer 2022.

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Written By Troy Sica



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