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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Faded Jeans" - Sam Louis

Sam Louis Faded Jeans Cover Art

Teasing his full-length album, 8 Ball, Sam Louis has released his latest single, "Faded Jeans." The track is an alt pop/emo hip-hop banger, reflecting on a toxic relationship and the addiction it has caused. Shedding light on the meaning behind the song, Louis elaborates, "Comfortable fit, rinse and repeat, slightly faded. How can you move forward when the past is following you everywhere. 'Faded Jeans' is about a toxic relationship that continues to haunt you. A love that hurts too good and feels all too familiar at the same time. Like a nostalgic trance, she can hypnotize and distract, pulling you back to old habits you tried to bury."

Creating a unique sound with a tasteful blend of genres, Sam Louis pushes sonic boundaries in "Faded Jeans." The fiery single combines elements of alt pop, emo hip-hop, cloud hop, and hyperpop, featuring darker melodies to pair with the song's moody lyrics. "Faded Jeans" matches the toxicity of the narrative with an aggressive soundscape, showcasing heavy synths, hard-hitting beats, and electrifying guitar riffs. Adding a hint of nostalgia into the mix, Louis' vocal performance is reminiscent of '00s emo and electropop icons, sounding similar to acts like Falling In Reverse and The Ready Set.

Based in Toronto, singer-songwriter Sam Louis is making waves in the alt pop world. The artist has been hard at work since his 2015 debut, selling out showcases and landing international sync placements. Louis was a top 100 semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and proud winner of an Indigenous Music Award for Best Pop Album. An artist to keep an eye on, Louis has been featured on countless playlists, including the likes of Spotify's "New Music Friday," YouTube's "Pop Before it Breaks," and Amazon's "Brand New Music." Some of his popular releases include "Driftin'," "See Me Now," and "Burnout."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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