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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Fading Out" - Henka

Henka is a unique artist, creating music within the alternative and pop genre. Her most recent release "Fading Out", displays the ways in which she is bringing her own sound to these genres, while still being relevant within them. "Fading Out", is a great listen both from an audial and lyrical perspective. The song dives into the painful and complicated feelings that arise following a romantic breakup. Henka specifically writes about her healing process as she struggles to deal with her pain following a difficult breakup that has occurred in her life.

The song opens up with very powerful, and ominous electronic beats. It makes the song seem as though its going to be very intense. These feelings are expected to be continued, but they are surprisingly calmed by the smooth vocals of Henka in between the beginning of the song and the chorus. After the smooth intermission, the song jumps back into its intensity when entering the chorus. The chorus is both catchy and emotionally heavy. The chorus provides a seamless transition from the verse. The chorus is the focal point of the song as it really relays the complete tone and concept for the song as a whole. Henka's vocals are especially admirable within the song. She is able to hit really powerful notes that express intense emotions, while also maintaining a crisp sound. Her vocal stylings are similar to that of artist Avril Lavigne. "Fading Out" also draws similarities to many Y2K pop songs coming from all kinds of artists, like Avril Lavigne, in the early 2000s. All in all "Fading Out" is an energetic and enjoyable listen from both a sonic perspective, as well as a lyrical one.

Henka is a newly created solo project of Cat Pereira. Henka brings a unique ambiance to the alternative music space. Her music is also creating fresh sound within the pop space as well. Her melodies are especially unique, and hook listeners with their catchiness. Henka also brings a unique presence as an artist with the use of empowering visuals inspired by martial arts. Her refreshing sound, and unique qualities make her a new and fresh addition to pop music.

Written By Alison Holst



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