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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Fake Highs" - Gabriel Munoz

“Fake Highs” perfectly captures the struggles faced by young adults trying to navigate their way through the mundane responsibilities faced in life. Gabriel Munoz describes using coping mechanisms that leave him feeling empty come days end. From lack of sleep to trauma resurfacing, the song details the fruition of issues that most people have to deal with on top of work/school and day-to-day tasks. While socializing can be a great reprieve from the stress of growing up, Gabriel is tired of using these ‘fake highs’ as a distraction to spark joy.

Despite the heavy lyrics, “Fake Highs” has an upbeat, flirty vibe to its sound. Filled with Gabriel’s low and smooth vocals and selectively placed reverb, the song comes across as emotionally impactful yet also catchy. While the single remains uniform through the verses and chorus, there is a climax of both emotion and instrumentals within the bridge that satisfyingly leads into the final chorus and outro. “Fake Highs” provides listeners with a relatable flux of feelings while maintaining the fun energy of Gabriel Munoz’s previous work.

Los Angeles-born and raised artist Gabriel Munoz has a jovial pop sound that forwardly catches the ear. Though his discography tends to lean upbeat, you’ll find a variety of moods throughout his singles filled with catchy beats. Having just started releasing music a few years ago, his sound is comparable with pop radio hits of today's charting songs. The self-starter singer-songwriter shows palpable promise in his future in music.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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