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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Falling Back To You" - Florrie

With a love that might have gotten away, Florrie brings us this new track titled “Falling Back To You” to detail the special and rare second chance we all secretly wish came to fruition. It’s the feeling of meeting that person you instantly connect with, knowing they could change your life for the better if you just had a little more time. It’s the memory of letting them go and thinking you’re never going to see them again. It’s all the small dreams you wished could have been with you and realizing that you finally have the time to achieve them all. It’s the hope of wishing they come back and the achievement of finally getting what you wanted. “Falling Back To You” is the epitome of all of those feelings in a delightful new track.

Right person, wrong time is the first saying that comes to mind when I hear “Falling Back To You”, Florrie’s newest release. With its catchy and sweet melody, we’re brought into the feeling of the beautiful parts of our past returning to their peaks. Florrie comes in with this shimmery melody, leading us with her upbeat vocals and captivating us. She sings, “I remember wondering what it would be like/I guess we were in the right place at the wrong time“, saying that what they could have been would have been beautiful. Florrie states, “I knew it was always you on my mind”, and brings us into the hopeful tone of the song, establishing that it was a love that would have been for the storybooks, and with this new chance? It still could be.

Florrie is a singer-songwriter from the UK who is currently based in Brighton. She focuses her sound on uplifting indie pop, writing and co-producing all of her music. She’s been into music from a young age, starting with the drums at age seven and blossoming into the talented artist she is today. Florrie aims to be honest with her music, sharing her experiences with her listeners to gain a crowd that can relate to her. “Falling Back To You” is her second release of 2022, the first being “What If I’m Wrong” which is just as stunning. Florrie continues to write more fantastic music and is readily preparing to release her upcoming album, leaving her fans excited in anticipation.

Written by Jane Katryn



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