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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "FAMOUS" - Robyn Harris

Too many of us have discovered the effects of COVID-19 over the past few years. Many opportunities, events, and memories have been taken from us and now as we struggle to achieve a new normal, we find ourselves feeling lost in the world. “FAMOUS” embodies these feelings we can all relate to as Robyn Harris talks about the post COVID-19 world. She expertly describes how most of us feel like our hopes and dreams for future are dying. This has left us questioning our self-worth and wondering what the point of all of this is.

The best thing about “FAMOUS” is the message in the lyrics that Robyn sings. “I’m just a regular person with regular thoughts”. A common idea that I’m sure has circulated about everyone’s mind over these quarantine years is the idea that really, we’re just regular people with nothing that special about us. But, we shouldn’t let our achievements determine our self-worth. Robyn sings these lyrics showing that it’s okay to feel a little lost right now as you try to grow into yourself and figure out who you are. This message is really about just being you and living life how you want, regardless of how successful you are. You don’t have to be famous to be happy and special.

Robyn Harris is an Indie-pop artist from Nashville, TN. Her music combines synths and acoustic elements to create her own unique sound that is recognizable anywhere. The up-and-coming artist was recently named one of Turned Up Music’s “46 Nashville Artists to watch in 2020”. Along with this, Robyn has been featured in prestigious showcases like Musician’s Corner and Women on Fire. Robyn is making her mark on the music industry, and you won’t want to miss out on a second of her success!

Written By Emily Hancock



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