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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Far Too Late" - Connor Kauffman

Connor Kauffman’s latest release “Far Too Late” is a written confrontation that seems a long time coming. It utilizes beliefs of self preservation and respect, setting boundaries with the person he sings to. Though the lyrics appear almost heartbreaking the song is far from it, instead he makes it feel freeing. Yes, he’s losing this person but it feels more like relief than grief. This is a song to someone who doesn’t seem to deserve an explanation, but he gives one. Years, it seems, of chances and forgiveness are now gone because they cannot follow the light he provides. This is a heartbreak song, but it’s the last of them.

He begins the song with a little hope, “I’m standing on the edge of what we could’ve been”, but this is the only instance in which he allows himself to think this way. His voice is the first sound we hear, alone. But after that first line, a guitar slowly strums behind the confession offering a soft consolation to it. A little piece of the instrumentals is added after each line, including a mystifying background vocal by Kauffman that is especially touching. When he reaches the chorus, stating “And I don’t think we can work this out”, it is as if he’s screaming the words for the first time his voice holds so much passion. He goes from singing slowly, sadly over that slight acoustic to nearly shouting with instrumentals that match quickly. This change in tone is a brilliant way to frame this story as anything other than depressive, it turns it into a pop anthem, something to yell along with. And fitting with this theme, it ends on a high note.

Connor Kauffman is the perfect example of a self-made success story. He was born in Connecticut and grew up without any real intent on following this path. But, when he found it he ran. He started making music only a few years ago as a simple method of self-expression. He taught himself with no prior experience, and now he does everything surrounding it. He writes, sings, masters, mixes, and produces all of his own work. And he is skilled at it, his top songs now hold millions of streams each, his most popular “Bleed” reaching nearly 20 million on Spotify. Follow his Spotify and other socials below and stream “Far Too Late” before it’s far too late to say you were there first for this growing pop sensation.

Written By Hailey Schap



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