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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "faster" - PENNY X

"faster" is a post-breakup piece about watching your partner move on from the relationship. Penny sings about how she's noticing how they're bouncing between hookups, making a big show of how they have "moved on" when she knows for a fact that they're just trying to prove something that isn't true. It's clear that they haven't moved on from the relationship, but they're going to such great lengths to make it seem as if they're the one that's better off. Penny decides that she will take her time and move on from the relationship peacefully because it doesn't matter who moves on from the situation faster. This song looks at both perspectives of the breakup and compares the two different paths that people can take to move on from a relationship.

The first word that popped up in my head to describe this song was "smooth." The way Penny sings in time with the beat and melody, especially during the chorus, is at a quicker pace but also feels as if it's moving slowly making the sound very time-altering. Her voice is nothing short of soothing and her vocals beautifully express the emotions associated with the topic of this piece. The melody and beat of this song are so clear and clean and give this song a dream-like sound. As for her lyrics, they cut to the chase and make it evident how Penny feels that "it doesn't matter who moves on faster" and that this entire thing is "just a stupid game." Overall this piece is an empowering song about being comfortable with where you are at personally with the breakup even though the other person is going to such extremes to make you jelous.

Penny is an independent singer/songwriter who is based in Berlin. She makes international pop music with some Alternative, Rock, and Indie influences. She makes music as a type of therapy and heavily enjoys the creative process of making her pieces. Her sound is similar to artists such as Fletcher, Tate McRae, Lennon Stella, and Olivia Rodrigo. "faster" is her debut single to kick off the stream of songs that she will release in the future. This single is an incredible start to what is sure to be a successful line of pieces from Penny and nothing but the best of luck to her and her future endeavors in the music industry.

Written By Melina Darlas



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