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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Faster Than We Ran" - Anna Elyse

“Faster Than We Ran” is a contemplative folk reflection on looking back on a significant moment in your life and feeling immense gratitude for it, “looking back and saying, ‘That was so awesome, the human experience is such a magical thing.’ even when it’s imperfect”. Elyse explores her spirituality, with deeply personal and poignant lyrics, painstakingly worldbuilding and fleshing out her narratives. Her background in poetry is glaringly apparent -- from how she manipulates her soft and wispy tone to the rhythmic beat you feel throughout the song. From high euphoria to low melancholy, Elyse’s emotion shines through not only in her voice but also in the words that she tenderly caresses before releasing them into the world.

Inspired by songwriters like Neil Young, Elyse modernizes her music by adding twinkling instrumentals, warm bass, and ethereal vocals. Her raw earnest and elegant vocals add texture and depth to her emotion. The modern nuance of the simple guitar and atmospheric noises pair beautifully to transport the listener to another world. With simplicity, Elyse induces heartbreak, emotion, and desire for growth that inspires change while still feeling grateful for the past. At the song's climax, she shows off her voice in a series of outstanding runs, sending shivers down your spine at her awesome vulnerability and raw power.

Anna Elyse is a poet at heart, deciding on the medium of songs to engage with her audience. After graduating from UCLA with a concentration in Poetry, she then went to an Audio Engineering School, where she found her favorite place, the studio. Working behind the scenes in many recording studios, Anna contributed to several prominent lyrically-based hip-hop albums (Logic’s album Under Pressure, The Incredible True Story, and No Pressure), where she discovered her own determination to release her own music. “Faster Than We Ran” is a beautiful and significant piece that proudly showcases Anna’s best characteristics:” her unwavering vulnerability and outstanding lyricism that is only perfectly complemented by her production.

Written By Megan Cao


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