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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "FBI" - Drew Now

                Anthemic, catchy, and energetic, “FBI” by Drew Now is the new acronym for the red flag in your life. Standing for Fuck Boy Insecurity, “FBI” is your new motivation to cut all contact with that guy all your friends hate. Drew calls attention to alarming behavior with the opening lyrics of the song “That boy is in the F.B.I. if he’s checking your phone but won’t say where he goes; when the red flags fly, better run for your life or you’ll be doing time”. Every part of this song is as much a warning as it is an anthem for putting your foot down when these red flag behaviors rear their head. From the first verse when Drew sings “I’m on the defensive, I came to my senses,” and the second verse where she sings “He’ll say you’re special, we’re all just the same, labeled in texts as ‘bitch from Monday’, he’s never gonna learn your name,” Drew makes it clear that she is no longer disillusioned by the sweet talking F boy, and neither should you.

               “FBI” is energetic and moody with the fluctuating pace of the guitar and drums. Each verse of the song has a different energy pace, gradually building in tone and then coming back down to reset the cycle. The reggae-themed song is reminiscent of the 90s hit TV series “Cops”. The chorus is structured around the “Bad Boys, Bad Boys” verse of the TV series and provides a fresh play on the acronym FBI. Drew’s voice is strong and clear even when her wispy vocals take the spotlight. Her voice demands attention which plays well with the subject matter of the song. Drew takes on the tone of a woman who not only understands from her own experience but also as a woman warning others. The song has beautiful contrasting tones between the pounding bass and Drew’s melodic voice.  

Ontario-raised, Drew Now grew up on a farm on the shores of Lake Huron. Formerly known as Leah Mathies, she was a contestant on America’s Got Talent Season 13, charming judges like Simon Cowell with her beautiful voice and original songs. Despite her 2018 television debut on America’s Got Talent, she has been making music in Nashville, TN since 2013 when she released her first EP Mesmerized at 16 years old. The Canadian-born singer has since moved down to Tennessee, spending most of her time working with Grammy award-winning artists and producers alike to make catchy, anthemic, music that speaks to the vulnerabilities we face in life. A curious inquisitive soul, Drew Now has been asking the hard questions since her youth, stating that church and her mother and sister are the inspirational catalyst that bloomed her love for music and songwriting. She channels this inquisitive and vulnerable nature into her music to create infectious pop anthems. You can listen to more by Drew Now at the links below.

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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