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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Feel About Me" - Indigo Kxd

"Feel About Me" is a high-energy, dance-pop piece about not knowing whether or not you should take the risk and pursue the person you have feelings for. It's about not knowing whether or not the other person is as definite about their feelings as you are, so it's difficult to decide what to do with your feelings. This theme is presented in a lively EDM piece which has a beat and melody that heightens these emotions and feelings. This song has an incredible cohesiveness to it, and all aspects of the song connect with one another in such an excellent way. Anything related to love is an experience that's full of feelings, and Indigo Kxd produced this piece to reflect high-energy situations.

The aspect of this song that stands out the most is the electric melody. It's very prominent throughout the song and heightens the emotions associated with the piece. The melody is perfect for a good dance-pop piece, as it takes listeners on a journey. It starts out rather chill, but it consistently picks up with new sounds and more volume second by second. Then at the chorus, it all releases. Even during the chorus, the melody switches up a bit to keep the sound interesting. As for the vocals, the voice matches the energy of the song very well. The vocals are full of passion, and the pitch intertwines with the tempo of the melody to create a very cohesive sound. The piece overall is full of life, emotion, and spirit and instantly puts listeners in a great mood.

Indigo Kxd is a producer/songwriter from Leicester, UK, and is no stranger to the music industry. Having penned and produced hits for a multitude of artists from varying genres, he’s managed to amass well over 100 million streams. Despite working with artists across the musical spectrum, Indigo Kxd would emphasize House & Dance music as his true passion. At the start of 2022, he was able to put his admiration into practice with the release of his first record "Last Night" which secured a place in the Top 10 of the Music Week charts UK and received vast support from BBC introducing, who made the song track of the week. Fast forward to now, Indigo Kxd has teamed up with well-respected writers Syon and Amira Eldine to create a laid-back but energetic pop dance record, creating the perfect mood to transition into the UK spring with ‘Said and Done’.

Written By Melina Darlas



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