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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Feeling Stays" - Becky Briggs

Do you remember your first love? I certainly remember mine. I was smitten with and sold on the short, stocky redhead. (Yes, I have a type - don't judge me). After one week, I was already dreaming of a future with them as my life partner – unbeknownst to them, of course. But I can't undersell the dread I had of potentially losing them. This dread lurked behind these blossoming emotions of adoration, something Becky Briggs seems to understand all too well with her single, "Feeling Stays".

"Feeling Stays" is about that first, sudden feeling of everything being perfect when with your partner and never wanting it to end. Briggs opens the song by listing little things that invoke this emotion within her: "romancing in corner shops / red wine on your white top / dancing at the bus stop". Briggs even vocalizes that she's aware that her enchantment with this partner is progressing fast. But this process usually is fast. In layman's terms, we intuitively know when we're in love regardless of the timeframe. And as a hopeless romantic, I certainly think keeping this spark alive is more than manageable despite some lingering anxiety. The bouncy guitar-laden pop single not only makes listeners giddy for love but empowers them to find and seek out ways to keep this initial feeling ongoing - to live in the moment for love and put duct tape over dread's mouth.

Singer and songwriter Becky Briggs is heavily inspired by pop music from Sweden and the U.K. Two places she’s always called home. “Feelings Stays” will be the first single in Briggs’ upcoming EP "Bittersweet". Other singles released outside of the EP are last year’s “L Words” and 2020’s “Platform 6”. All the songs make a person fall in love with the idea of love. So if you ever need to be struck by cupid’s arrow, give Briggs’ singles a listen.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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