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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Feels Like" - Dana Williams

This song, “Feels Like” by Dana Williams, is a soft pop song all about the mystery and uncertainty of life. Written about the many obstacles that life throws your way and how overwhelming it can feel to not know what you’re doing, Williams emphasizes in this song that this is how everyone feels like, and that the only way to live is to take those moments of struggle and understand the joy that’s waiting on the other side. With lyrics like “but I’m grateful for this life’s funny way of breaking and healing” and “wish it was natural, how do I know what it feels like?”, this song perfectly captures the relatability of these feelings, while also capturing the isolation of them as well. It’s easy to think that everyone else somehow understands life better than you, or have managed to be more successful than you, but really, everyone is just finding their own way the best they can.

“Feels Like” is a mellow, bedroom/alt-pop song that consists mainly of understated instrumentals to foreground Dana Williams’ soothing vocals. Starting off with a simple guitar melody, the song almost lulls you in, relaxing you before the first verse starts and Williams slides in. The chorus continues the same tune, but with an added dream-like quality that picks up a little in pace as the song goes on. The tension reaches a peak in this song about two-thirds of the way through, with the bridge and the increased intensity in music, before coasting out to a smooth finish in the last twenty seconds. Overall, this song manages to convey such complicated emotions about the confusion of life while maintaining a beautiful and soothing melody, creating an intriguing contradiction that will leave everyone coming back for more!

Dana Williams is an Alt-pop, R&B singer whose jazzy, soothing voice has garnered hundreds of thousands of listeners on streaming platforms over the course of her music career. Raised in a musical household, with her father being a famous guitarist who performed on tracks such as Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Dana Williams grew up surrounded by and loving music. She released her first EP, “The Lonely One,” in 2014, and her second EP quickly in 2015. Overall, she’s released over 25 singles, with her latest EP, “Talk Therapy,” coming out in June of 2023. This song, “Feels Like,” is the latest song she’s shared with her eager fans, and has already been met with very positive and excited reception. Use the links below to explore and listen to more of her amazing music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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