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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Fingerprints" - Jenny Baker

Following her viral single “Trial Run”, Jenny Baker released her newest single, “Fingerprints”. It’s a heartbreak anthem that talks about the ghosts of our past sticking with us, breaking us over and over again. She establishes the meaning within a pop-punk sound, saying that we can see how if we don’t heal ourselves, we’ll see the splinters of our pain in our oncoming journeys. We are a culmination of everything we’ve seen and been through—our past daring to paint the puzzle pieces that make up our entire being. There are many reminders of the people we’ve given ourselves to, little coffee stains on cups, or a song that plays in a shop that we happen to pass by. "Fingerprints" reminds us the people we meet are never gone as we want them to be.

Coming to us with a bubbly and emotional sound to start, “Fingerprints” is a song to tell others that we’re leaving parts of us with the people we’ve met and how we take fragments of them with us wherever we go. It’s impossible to ignore the emotions we’ve felt with others, no matter how much we try to erase them from our lives. As Baker transitions the song to a heavier pop-rock sound, she states, “I see your fingerprints on things you’ve never touched” to describe this—letting us know how her future will forever be stained with remnants of our pasts. “There’s no me without you, only us” she sings, crying out with a passionate feeling that digs deep within her listeners, knowing that this is a relatable feeling that we all like to hide.

Jenny Baker is a singer/songwriter that aspires to empower her fans through being honest in her tracks. She’s honed her genre into a pop fusion, taking inspiration from spectacular artists such as Julia Michaels and Taylor Swift. “Fingerprints” is only her fourth single, but she’s growing fast with a dedicated fanbase that inspires Baker every step of the way. As talented as she is educated, Jenny Baker is an artist and an activist; she studied sociology with focuses on feminism and human rights at Harvard, using that knowledge to influence her music and educate the masses who listen to her about it. It’s an admirable position to earn, working hard to pursue her passions, combining them, and becoming an icon to her fans and followers.

Written by Jane Katryn



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