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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Fireflies" - Crashing Castles

There are parts of us that like to hold on to what once was, and the longing for those who are no longer present can be difficult to deal with, but it is important to hold on to those good memories that shape who we are. The latest single by the group Crashing Castles, “Fireflies,” not only explores the theme of nostalgia in the lyrics but through sounds as well. Listening to “Fireflies” really does make one feel like they are walking into a portal of synths, and the video game inspiration that birthed the track comes in effortlessly, which is what makes the listening experience so enjoyable. What Crashing Castles has accomplished with “Fireflies” is a great look into the group’s ability to create well-thought-out tunes, and you won’t regret checking them out.

The way the song fades in really does make one feel as if they are walking into a new world with a unique ambiance. It’s good to know that synth-heavy songs are still very relevant in the music world, as they always invoke such a nice feeling for listeners. The combination of old-school musical elements with new-school elements works well in portraying the story of the song and how we as humans crave what once existed in our past and now stays relevant through memories. While there is a melancholic connotation to the lyrics with the missing of what has been lost in the past, there is still a beauty in the imagery of looking to the sky and the presence of fireflies and its relation to remembrance. Just by listening to the song, you can tell a lot of fun was had when it came to putting the song together, and it’s nice to hear all the different elements being blended into one story. The buildup to the end of the song was executed well and it only makes the emotional intent much more effective. There’s a lot to like with “Fireflies,” and it was fun to explore the world of Crashing Castles with this song.

Crashing Castles is a music group based in Finland that aspires to blend different sounds to create its music style. The group's style has major elements of rock and electronic music and is inspired by artists such as Bring Me the Horizon, Linkin Park, Pendulum, and more. While the group is still fairly new, they have done well as their debut single “The Circle” made its way through Finnish radio stations. Based on the music that has been released it is clear that Crashing Castle enjoys experimenting with different sounds and there's so much fun to be had with their music. If you're on the search for new sounds, Crashing Castles won't let you down.

Written By Chantal Charles


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