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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "fishbowl" - Diana Omar

Diana Omar's new single, "fishbowl", is a mysterious introspective take on how the world sees us from the outside looking in. In the chronically online landscape of the 2020s, avoiding prying eyes on everything we do is nearly impossible. It's even harder for an artist trying to share their craft. Being in the public eye can be daunting. How much do you open up? How much do you let the world see? It can feel like being on display, trapped behind glass, and like, well, being in a fishbowl. The song captures this unsettling feeling with ease. Omar's repeated use of the line, "eyes and ears" throughout the song serves as a reminder that someone is always watching. This is a clever lyrical choice, as it makes listeners acutely aware of the song's message. There is freedom in the words that tell a story but leave listeners the choice to apply it to their own lives.

The overall feeling of, "fishbowl" is dark and mysterious. It's catchy to listen to, but also leaves you feeling a little exposed. It's written in the melancholy key of F# minor. This key is synonymous with gloom. The musical feeling combined with the lyrics is eye-opening. It's easy to feel every consequence of publicity at once if you think about it too hard. But I think that's the point. This experience isn't a bad one, but one of introspection and empathy. It's expert songwriting in my opinion, as Omar captures such a difficult-to-describe feeling in both atmosphere and story. The Latin-style guitar throughout provides stylistic flair while the steady drum beat offers energy. Overall, Omar draws a beautiful balance between light and dark, keeping listeners engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Diana Omar is a singer-songwriter originally hailing from Maryland, USA. She specializes in deep, emotional music, focusing on self-discovery, love, and personal growth. There is an undeniable amount of care and delicacy in her craft that is reflected in both her music and everyday life. Aside from her musical endeavors, Omar is a student at Yale and a strong advocate for providing STEM opportunities to underrepresented students. She has a passion for diversity and hopes to inspire others to break barriers in the STEM community. In short, Diana Omar is a brilliant, multi-faceted creator with so much potential, and I can't wait to see what she does next. For now, though, you can stream, "fishbowl" on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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