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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Five Minutes" - Aleks Grey x Iselin

Time always seems to move so fast—we can’t get enough of it, and every single thing we do is so that we can hopefully get some more. But in our quest to enjoy our life, we’re filling it with all the stuff we sadly have to encounter, like stress, terrible news stories, work, toxic social media, and everything else. In a song to speak about taking back our time and using it the way we want, Aleks Grey and Iselin bring us “Five Minutes”. A mellow pop-sounding track to take back the time we already have to spend just how we want to—to give ourselves a break and spend just five minutes to liberate ourselves from the world’s struggles.

With fantastic harmonies in this mellow pop feel, Aleks Grey and Iselin showcase a relatable message within a beautiful, emotion-filled song. It has strings to take you on a lush journey, with warm elements to relax you and create a swirling atmosphere to ground you in the beauty of the present. The song starts gently, guiding us with their beautiful vocals to calm us down in turbulent times. They sing, “Can we just listen to Holocene/and shut out all the noise that’s been keeping us down lately?/Cause lately it’s been too much”. It’s a lyric that holds the entire song’s meaning, telling us how they want to stop with the chaos—not focus on the big picture and realize that they have the time now to enjoy what they have. They harmonize wonderfully, singing, “I just want to hold you,” and showing a lovely picture of how they care for one another and want to spend the time they have to enjoy the company of one another and block out the world.

These two Oslo-based talented artists, Aleks Grey and Iselin bring us a fantastic track with “Five Minutes” collaborating to remind their listeners how to take the time to listen to their wants in the present, shutting out the world around them. They’ve both gained momentum online, with Aleks Grey being streamed over a million times on Spotify and Iselin being featured on Alan Walker’s “Faded” and “Sing Me To Sleep”. With this track and hopefully more in the future, the two artists are establishing their names and gaining traction with their talents.

Written by Jane Katryn




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