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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Fix Me" - Stilla

We all have that one person who is the bright-eyed, cheery, glass half-full friend. When you’re down, they pick you up; when you’re weak, they’re strong; when you need to talk, they listen. But what people don’t know about that person is that internally, they have their own troubles. It’s hard picking others up when you’re down. It’s arduous being the listener and not listened to. Stilla’s vulnerably gloomy song, “Fix Me,” is a testament to her own experience of being that helpful friend on the outside but struggling inward. Instead of opening up, she feels the need to fix herself. As brooding as the lyrics are, in a generation where anxiety, depression and isolation coexist, her tact for relatability is what makes this song a wave of security for those who are trapped in a mind-numbing current.

Bottling up your emotions is never the answer to solving your problems. Eventually the bottle will break, and every pent-up feeling will come pouring out at once. There has to be a median for everyone to cling to. Even though Stilla may have not confessed her thoughts to someone directly, “Fix Me,” acts as a journal entry where she can comfortably express how she truly feels: with her tender pre-chorus, “ ‘Cause I tend to close myself off//From being vulnerable//So I’m surviving on my own” and her aching chorus, “Laugh it off with some friends//Pretend to them that I’m fine again//I gotta fix me.” The sentimental electric guitars paired with passionate drums that showcase halfway through the song, lay an exemplary track for the lyrics. Stilla’s ethereal voice also solemnly soars, picking up the lyrics and placing them straight into our hearts.

Stilla is a Melbourne based pop-soul singer/songwriter who’s known for her distinctive writing style and luminous vocals. Her songs allow listeners to connect to her soulful spirit and journeys through life experiences. Stilla’s current discography includes an EP called “Motions,” and three intriguing singles, “Won’t Work Out,” “Ashes” and “Fix Me.” As a 21-year-old talented storyteller, Stilla’s music is evidence that this is just the beginning to a long and successful career.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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