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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Fix Your Fears" - Anni

Anni’s highly anticipated new single, “Fix Your Fears”, is finally here. She blesses us with her message of realizing you can’t “fix” someone if they don’t want to “fix” themselves. It’s a common theme in people’s lives, and “Fix Your Fears” perfectly exemplifies that experience. Anni starts off the song by saying her friends compare her life to an actress, saying that she’s “in the movie” until she “walks off set”. Her life with this partner feels scripted, and she says that she’s been learning lines since they first met. In the pre-chorus, she says that she doesn’t think he’ll ever change, so their relationship is stuck in a cycle. Then, the electric chorus comes in, where she comes to the realization that she can’t “fix [his] fears” because he’s reckless and impulsive. She’s tired of this cycle, and she feels “the lights went out” on their relationship. Anni dives more into his impulsivity in the second verse, saying that he’s been “running from what [he] can’t control.” Anni then repeats the pre-chorus and chorus with more intensity, and finishes the song by saying “I can’t fix someone who doesn’t want fixing.”

“Fix Your Fears” is a perfectly constructed track from a production standpoint. Beautiful, rushing piano synths introduce listeners to the song. When the lyrics start, only some piano chords and the piano synths are behind Anni's voice. Yet, the sound is full and complex, complimenting Anni’s vocals. Her voice is distinct and beautiful, and the shaky breath in the first verse shows Anni’s true emotions pouring through the song. The song builds up to the upbeat chorus, where the drums make an entrance. The drums are wonderfully complex and different from most mainstream pop songs. The drumming is fantastic and rhythmically complex, adding a distinct element to the song that you never knew you wanted. The harmonies in the second verse and second verse help build into the outro, and they are immaculate and rich. There’s a sense of urgency and panic throughout the whole track because of the piano synths and drums, adding even more to the emotions of the song. Anni did a wonderful job matching the theme of the lyrics to the vibe of the song, and this track raises the bar in pop music.

Anni, formerly known as Annika Grace, is a singer-songwriter native of Venice Beach, California. She had been releasing music under Annika Grace since 2016, but she made the switch in 2022. Anni had split her time growing up in three cities: Venice Beach, Chicago, and New York, and she says that those cities have all had influences on her music. She is also a poet and is releasing a poetry book named “Remedies” later this year. Her love of music not only impacts her listeners but also the community of Venice Beach. Anni runs a showcase called “Saturdays at Seven” for up-and-coming artists. She created the showcase to connect with artists and creatives, and it started out with her friends just playing in her backyard. Anni hosts shows, curates Spotify playlists, hosts a YouTube series, and writes a music blog for “Saturdays at Seven.” Anni’s hard work shines through all she does, and she will continue to raise the bar for all artists.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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