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  • Megan Cao

Review: "flatline" - Izzy Pingrey

“flatline” is a shake-your-head rock song that utilizes a flatline as an analogy for setting free anxieties or reservations about a person, finally letting them in and allowing yourself to fall in love. It’s human nature to protect yourself from pain, and with passion comes sadness and despair. But on the flip side, love can also provide happiness and comfort, but allowing someone who’s only been hurt day after day to open up almost means the death of their former stress and anxiety to make way for a new person who’s willing to trust and open up for those that they know they care about.

“Flatline” marks a change of style from Pingrey’s traditional Taylor Swift-esque pop sound to the crashing guitars and a surge of rock. While her vocals retain the smooth pop-flair of the previous single “narcissus”, the melody in “flatline” leads into the pop-punk and pop-rock hurricane of drums, guitars, and rock. Through this harsh monsoon of sound, Pingrey’s vocals remain warm, rich, and mellifluous, caressing your ears as it oozes vulnerability, fragility, and intricate emotions. Through all the noise, Pingrey's raw and genuine feelings shine through in an outstanding attempt at creating something that is not only meaningful but relevant.

Izzy Pingrey, based in New York City, is an aspiring musician who draws upon her everyday life, friendships, daily struggles, and relationships. After her breakout single “sick of it”, Pingrey begins to step onto the big stage as she gears up to release her EP soon. Through and through, her distinctive personality and charm blaze through what she knows best, her music. By utilizing what some may view as eclectic influences, Pingrey’s diversity and unabashed nature in combining anything and everything shows her wide range and creativity as she continues to refuse to cater to the industry.

Written By Megan Cao


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