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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Flawless" - Jordan Jones

Love has often been related to a fever: sudden, overwhelming, and short-lived. On his latest single, "Flawless," Jordan Jones subverts this with a more patient, smoother delivery. Simmering in these intense feelings, allowing typically-expeditious desires to loosen, he brings out a more sustainable type of romance. The instrumental is airier than conventional earworm-pop, allowing the negative space of the mix to soften its blows. The result is a pleasant and impeccable listen more akin to a cool breeze than a smoldering heatwave.

There are enough smooth one-liners in "Flawless" to keep its momentum going. "Baby blow my mind, I gotta clear my head," is a particular highlight. But if these flirtations read as urgent, Jones' buttery vocals give them a contentment and tranquility. The effect is closer to documenting small moments of affection on a peaceful day rather than an impassioned deluge. It's a soft, sustainable smile. The airy synths swirl around each line, pushing forward and retreating in the mix like a temperate tide. Before breaking out into one final chorus, Jones delivers the song's most immediate plea: "I want you over and over and over again." But the slightest hint of a smirk in his tone implies that he has all the time in the world. His love is steady and unfading.

Jordan Jones is a Canadian-based musician in Alberta. The goal of his music is making a connection with his audience through his songs. He is currently booking for a 2023 tour. Previous releases include 2020's "Break My Heart" and this year's "Stumble." His catchy pop music is especially pleasant thanks to his impressive vocals.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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