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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Flea" - Indy June

"Flea" is sung from a small voice, like that of an insect meant to be avoided and cast aside. It’s ballad is the aftermath of a love story which feels one sided, though its influence implies it likely wasn’t. Indy June offers this piece for those who feel incapable of being impactful, but if she feels this way they evidently aren’t, the song being deeply moving and far from uninfluential. The piece being sung from this perspective offers a moment to rest in the hurt, it’s peaceful and painful. She seems to linger in this way, like the flea character she’s chosen. She sticks to her viewpoint looking from afar at the people she thought would always be near her, and sticking to the smallest bits of their life, being too small to handle a greater distance than a few feet.

The song is relatively slow, and purposefully so. It’s a somber piece that begins, fittingly, with a strumming guitar and an acceptance of a sad fate. “Go ahead and ignore me” is her opening line, beginning the thought process seen repeated later that it is her nature to be neglected. Indy’s name is fitting to her voice, having a very organic, “indie” sound that wonderfully suits her genre. The guitar continues throughout the piece, though after the first verse there is a sort of mystical noise added to the instrumentals which sounds almost like wind chimes. Following this, more instrumentals join the song seamlessly, a slowly paced percussion, Indy’s own voice used as an instrument. Towards the end, another unknown voice even joins. The piece ends with these vocals.

Indy June is a singer and songwriter originally from Missouri. She began making her own music professionally during the pandemic, leading to her relocation to L.A. where the artist is now based. The flea isn’t the only animal Indy finds inspiration from, making her love for stray cats widely known and using them and the care they receive from her as a key part of her creative process. Her lyrics, as well as her persona, radiate a delicate, emotive, energy that can be felt through every song. And many indulge in this, the singer now boasts over 34k listeners on Spotify with nearly 2 million streams on her most popular song “Daisies”. Listen to this as well as “Flea” below and follow her socials to stay updated.

Written By Hailey Schap



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