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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Flight Risk" - Francesca Everly

Francesca Everly gets deep on her dreamy new single, Flight Risk – touching on the importance of self-reflection amidst the chaos of lost love. Everly delves into the human psyche by exploring the self-doubts and insecurities that tend to creep in when dealing with heartache; melodically singing of the "unwanted 9am alarms and 12pm therapy sessions" that seemingly plague someone wrought with depression due to lost romanticism. Flight Risk is a dream pop ballad sure to resonate with anyone besieged by heartbreak and in need of some comforting vocals to tell you that you aren't alone in how you feel.

Flight Risk opens with an acoustic guitar progression that establishes a sense of intimacy right from the jump. This bright introduction is immediately followed by Francesca's first verse, which is as equally raw and candid as the guitar; with the initial chorus infusing light percussion and sweet vocal harmonies into the mix. There are subtle layers throughout the production that contribute to the overall whimsical atmosphere of the song – especially the riffing piano lines and distant vocal adlibs. Each layer that gets interposed helps to fill out the instrumentation as Flight Risk progresses. In the second verse enters a lively drum section that dials up the energy of the overall groove and boosts the vibe of the track. The arrangement takes a turn after the second chorus and shifts into a new territory, with an energetic build into a massive climax that leaves the listener's heart pounding. The vast difference in mood during the finale creatively parallels that of the opening and makes for an incredibly dynamic journey for the audience.

Francesca Guerra, aka Francesca Everly, is an Italian singer-songwriter and alumni of London's prestigious Institue of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). Prior to moving to London, Guerra was making music in Rome and working as a sound engineering assistant alongside her mother. The young songstress burst onto the professional scene in 2021 with her debut single 100 per 100 – and has since gone on to release a string of binge-worthy ballads, namely, Pathetic and Summer. Francesca blends Italian Pop with British Indie to create her own soulful RnB sound that's fully laced with emotional lyricism centered on feelings of intimacy and self-reflection. Her goal is simply to make music "that people can relate with their own experiences" in hopes that it will become "the soundtrack of their daily life".

Written By Dan Caddigan


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