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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Flinch" - Ines Rae

Flinch is the latest single from the up-and-coming UK pop star, Ines Rae. The song describes an incident where Rae tries to break up with her partner who she believed would be destroyed by her choice, but they were not affected. In the opening verse, Rae claims that this person was, "Living in [her] head for free," and asks, "Did it hurt you deep down 'cause you seem alright to me?" Rae's bewilderment continues into the chorus when she sings, "I thought you'd be battered or bruised or a little confused/On the day I called it quits, you didn't even flinch." Damn girl, were you dating The Weeknd because that's HEARTLESS... ZING! The song comes to a climax in the bridge with the unforgettable and relatable lyrics, "I'm kind of bothered that you're not bothered/If you call, I'm gonna call it all off/You're not my problem and that's a problem/And I feel naked, wanna make it all stop." I wish Ines Rae and I could trade lives for a day because my only problem is that I can't stop replaying this song.

Ines Rae uses a pop-rock style across Flinch that will get every listener headbanging, much like Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams did in the early 2000s. The song is mainly composed of rockin' electric guitars that are amplified even further when joined by the smashing drums in the chorus. The intense sound contrasts the melancholy lyrics to create a unique "crying in the moshpit" vibe. Rae's voice would fit right at home on the radio next to some of today's biggest pop stars. I heard some similarities to Tate McRae, Demi Lovato, and especially Olivia Rodrigo. The way that she blends pop and rock in this song could give Good 4 U a run for its money. If you're a diehard Livie looking for a new favorite song, you'll want to listen to this one.

At only 21 years old, Ines Rae has already sold out a headlining concert at Camden Assembly, worked with high-profile artists like Bastille, and was featured in the soundtrack for Netflix's hit series, Emily in Paris. The UK-based artist began dropping music at 18 years old with her debut track, New Girl, followed by her breakout single, Never Get It Right. The year isn't even halfway over and Rae is already the queen of 2024. Her track, Someone Else's Heart, was praised for its lyricism relating to her dad's recent heart transplant and was featured in Spotify's New Music Friday. Her latest single, Flinch, is described as a "powerful portrayal of moving on" and has already hit 10,000 streams. Don't flinch, stream this song now!

Written by Jordan Elliott


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