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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Flirt With Disaster" - Sydney Gordon

Competition within a relationship can be nice. Playful competition that is: when you can take part in silly, harmless games together. But when that devolves to one-upping the other and rooting for their failure, it ceases to be a loving relationship. It’s now become a rivalry where all the parties involved are just waiting for the next moment to antagonize one another. Making the overall relationship experience truly awful – especially if you’re made to feel lesser than. Sydney Gordon’s “Flirt With Disaster” is sung from the perspective of the ‘lesser than’ party who is refusing to return to and be made to feel this way again by the ‘better than’ party.

“Flirt With Disaster” is an emotional Rock-Pop anthem with heavy synths that features Gordon’s vocal prowess. The single serves as a self-reminder for both the artist and listener. A first-time listen to the song might make a listener think Gordon is forewarning the person after her about the man at hand. But Gordon is reminding herself just how bad the experience with this man was. Any partner that forces us into a competitive state where one is considered as 'better than' the other is not a relationship worth revisiting. Relationships should not be boiled down to a ‘winner’ or ‘loser’; they should be about people with similar goals and values tackling the world together, one problem at a time. Gordon realizes this and even addresses this man directly in the chorus. She informs him that this dynamic will never happen again because she’s “stronger than I ever was before”. The track is the perfect self-respect and callout anthem to add to your ‘Do-Not-Fall-For-Their-BS’ playlist.

Native New Yorker, Sydney Gordon, began singing and playing instruments at 7. Then at 15 she began writing her own music. Now she’s releasing songs through the record label she founded, Static Impulse Records. “Chains” was the artist’s debut single earlier this year, and “Flirt With Disaster” is the most recent add to her discography. The single was co-written between Gordon, Cindy Valentine, and Gemini. Then finally mixed by Tony Maserati and mastered by Dave Kutch. If you ever find yourself to be a little lonely and missing that down-right no good man, give Gordon’s single a quick listen just to remind yourself how much stronger you are without them.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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