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  • Troy J Sica

Review: "Float Away" - Prepare for the Future X Eryn Young

If you ever felt like your significant other or a friend has been drifting away from you, "Float Away," by Prepare for the Future X Eryn Young would be the perfect song to listen to when you are overthinking or in the mood to reminisce on all happy/sad moments you shared with them. With its powerful lyricism and wonderful catchy rhythm and electronic accompaniment, it makes the listener feel like they are the ones floating as the singer is singing to you to come back down to join them.

"Float Away," by Prepare for the Future X Eryn Young is song that emphasizes on the topic of drifting relationships whether that be a romanic or a friend relationship. When the electronic accompaniment has a moment of a 'call-and-response,' where one part plays a high melody, followed by the same melody played in a lower octave, truly depicts the feeling that one partner, who is on the ground, is calling up to the person 'floating away,' trying to understand how they ended up this way. The lyrics and melodic passages are just as important as the music playing behind them, singing more and more powerful and emotional as the person they love is ascending higher and higher.

PATRICK SHAY is a producer and songwriter, who wants to collaborate with many and all upcoming and current singers and artists. He has worked on hundreds of tracks across a wide variety of genres, wanting to take their musical idea and help turn it into a professional, world class production. ERYN YOUNG is a pop, songwriter artist from Toronto, who hides her feelings through the storytelling of lyrics and sound. If you are interested on what will become of both of their musical journey, be sure to follow their socials below!

Written By Troy Sica




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