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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Floating" - Cassie Marin

Hermit mode: intentionally isolating yourself to self-reflect and restore drained energy. One day or another, we need to give ourselves a break. We often forget the beauty in the simple things because we’re worried about a specific outcome or are constantly in fight-or-flight. Grounding you in the present, ‘Floating’ by Cassie Marin is a great self-care tune. It’s a reminder that there’s nothing wrong with taking a step back to rediscover who you are. It also doubles as an appreciation of the mundane; the things we take for granted. Marin invites you to float in the sky with her, above all the anxiety and doubt you may have. It’s the perfect song for activating your inner optimism!

‘Floating’ features a stylish mix of bubbly synths and hi-hats. Marin’s charming voice SOARS on this part-psychedelic, all-wholesome track. Check out these awesome lyrics: “I am here now, fear now tasting like water...don’t be acting out of madness, I can tell when you’re under.” Her lyrics throughout are highly innovative and clever. Marin’s figured out how to embrace the present moment and identify when others are projecting onto her. She’s turned her fears into self-empowerment, revealing itself in her free-flowing confidence. With the soundscape added on, it’s as though Marin is completely immersed in her own universe; vibing to her unique rhythm. Nothing can stop her groove!

Cassie Marin is a visionary artist and multi-instrumentalist based in LA. As a child, Marin dreamed of competing at the Olympics as a gymnast. However, when she was 13, she sustained a serious injury that resulted in a major shift in her career path. She found solace in music, and soon she taught herself how to compose and produce her own songs. Using the same determination that she had for going to the Olympics, Marin developed a style all her own. She’s known for making electro-pop bops backed by her distinguishable saccharine vocals. Praised by tastemakers and audiences alike, Marin’s hot streak continues with ‘Floating’, her latest single. Her next album comes out this summer so stay tuned!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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