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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "flowers" - joan

joan’s latest release is a nostalgic track about growing apart from the ones you once loved, and reminiscing on the times spent together. “flowers” was the last song written for the duo’s upcoming album, and instantly became one of their favorites due to the emotional topic. The track explores the feelings that come with growing up and moving on in life. The sentimental lyrics take the listener on a trip down memory lane, allowing them to remember the good times they had with old friends. In the chorus, they sing, “Things change and that’s just life// And sometimes there’s no goodbye// If there’s still an open door// Why don’t we talk anymore?” These lyrics reveal the heartbreaking reality that friendships do not always end on bad terms, but instead two people simply just grow apart. And sometimes, this hurts even more. In “flowers”, joan uses this idea to remind listeners to cherish their loved ones, because one day they may just ask themselves: “why don’t we talk anymore?”

“flowers” is a whimsical track that takes a variation of sounds from different genres and blends them together to make a dreamy pop song. It begins with an angelic violin intro that draws the listener in with the soft melody. Once the alluring vocals begin, a keyboard takes the place of the violin, switching up the production. In the second half of the verse, the drums are introduced, revealing the staggered approach of the production. In the chorus, the violin returns and the bass is introduced, which continues for the remainder of the track. The guitar and the keyboard play rhythm, melding together to become a uniformed pair in the chorus. Throughout the track, many instruments had multiple roles. For example, the keyboard played the intro riff, but later the guitar led the transition riff into the second verse. “flowers” is a skillfully written and composed track that showcases joan’s outstanding talent.

joan is an indie-pop duo from Little Rock, Arkansas, consisting of band members, Alan Benjamin Thomas and Steven Rutherford. They made their debut in 2021 with their single, “one more touch”. After releasing several singles, they released their first EP, porta (2018). Since then, they have released four additional EPs: cloudy, partly cloudy, hi, and bye. The duo has over a million monthly listeners across all streaming platforms, with over 120 million streams. Furthermore, they have been the supporting act for several artists such as Jeremy Zucker, COIN, Block Party, and The Aces. In 2023, the duo is set to release their debut full-length album, superglue, and are scheduled for worldwide touring and festivals.

Written By Karlee Smith



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