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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Fooling Myself" - Nessi

Nessi’s latest song, “Fooling Myself,” is a heartfelt, catchy and uplifting anthem that captures her struggles of feeling left behind in her 20’s as she tries to navigate through dark moments and find herself again. As she’s losing sight of herself, she notices her friends stepping up to be there for her when she had a hard time showing up for herself. They held on, wanting nothing but the return of her happiness and brighter state of mind. This song is a tribute to these people in her life, and is a reminder to those listening to be grateful for these kinds of friends in your life.

The song begins with a catchy guitar melody that makes you want to nod your head along. Nessi is honest and admits that she “Used to lie, say I’m fine,” which is something I know we’ve all said when trying to dodge questions from people about our well-being. Despite her attempt to avoid concerns from others, her friends notice how unusual she's being, and quickly rally by her side to assist in her journey of getting her back to her true self: “But you saw through the smile I'm faking every single day. And with every mistake I’m making you still chose to stay.” Her friends saw her positive traits and continued to stand by her, making the effort to bring her back to a healthy state of mind. She expresses gratitude for their consistent support, even when she falsely insisted that everything was fine. Seeing right through that facade, they stayed by her side until she returned to the person they always knew her to be: “You picked me up every time that I felt way too weak. Became a ritual, but you still saw my qualities. I didn’t realize it then, but you are all I need. Even though I used to lie, say I’m fine.”

Nessi, whose full name is Vanessa Hutel, is a pop singer-songwriter from Norway. As of today, she has over 3,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Her most streamed songs are “My Mistakes” and “Emotional,” both surpassing 30,000 streams. “Fooling Myself” was released just a week ago and has already impressively reached 20,000 streams. As a coping mechanism for when she's facing challenging times, Nessi turns to music because she finds comfort in it. She hopes that it provides comfort to her fans through her songs as well. Stay connected with Nessi by following her socials by clicking on the links below. And make sure to check out her latest single, “Fooling Myself,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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