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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "foolish" - youcallmecarla

“Foolish” by youcallmecarla is a relatable confessional that details the heartbreak and self-hatred that comes when you fall for someone who isn’t looking for a relationship. As captured by the title of the song, wanting to be in a relationship with someone who is making no effort to be in one makes you feel stupid. Rationally, you know better than to try and pursue this person who only wants to hook up, but emotionally it’s hard to reconcile the intensity of your feelings with the reality of the situation. Youcallmecarla puts this into words perfectly, with lyrics like “I hate the way I am/ When I’m falling/ Waiting for texts at 3 AM/ from people who never saw me as an equal.” Being aware of the fact that you can do so much better than this person and yet you still want them is difficult and painful to work through, and youcallmecarla addresses these complex emotions beautifully. 

The song has a soft, bedroom pop sound, with a steady drum beat and gentle electric guitar progressions. The production isn’t overbearing, allowing youcallmecarla’s vocals and lyrics to shine. The song is upbeat but with a melancholy undertone, which parallels how she is trying her best to hide her heartbreak, but ultimately can’t ignore how she feels. Youcallmecarla has a warm, husky voice that feels as intimate like the lyrics. She seamlessly bounces between a soft tone that feels vulnerable, and a more aggressive tone when calling out all of the red flags in the relationship. "Foolish" feels like a friend confiding in a friend, which makes it feel even more personal.

Youcallmecarla began crafting her own songs at fifteen and has since become a standout presence in the industry. With a calming voice, haunting lyrics, and a unique sound, Carla is a breath of fresh air in the music scene. Her latest release, "another lack," beautifully encapsulates raw heartbreak and self-reflection. Embracing her distinctive style and personality, Carla's music resonates with those who appreciate genuine storytelling. Join her journey from the start and experience the captivating allure of youcallmecarla's artistry.

Written By Rachael Bach

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