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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Fools" - Lou Emery

Lou Emery comes in with fire with her latest single, “Fools.” The song is a passionate pop-rock tune that showcases what Lou Emery is capable of. Her voice carries this energy in it that builds up emotion within listeners and it really makes her stand out as an artist. The song is incredibly frisky in its musical and lyrical content, and it really does make you want to check out Lou Emery to see what else she has to offer. The lyrical content itself really paints that painful feeling of confronting religion and questioning everything you once knew. It’s a subject that’s always difficult to explore, but Lou Emery perfectly executes the task with style. “Fools” is a track that is definitely worth the listen and can provide the perspective one needs in times of existentialism.

The song begins with guitars that have a kick to them and certainly grasp your attention. There is something very attractive about Lou Emery’s voice in the sense that she has a great tone, and the moments where she really gets to show it off are what makes the song so passionate. The lyrics where she is questioning the subject matter of the song are what show the feeling of despair and abandonment that comes with questioning religion. While the speaker in the song has a level of resilience in their questioning, there is still an aspect of defeat, especially with that chorus line “I’d rather be a fool.” On the subject of the chorus, that hook is very catchy and has a dark tone to it people are attracted to when it comes to alt-pop or pop-rock songs. The vigorous guitar solo after the second chorus is a great way to transition into the bridge and is so fitting in the anger and passion the song portrays. With “Fools” Lou Emery is able to stand out as an artist and songwriter in ways not everyone can, and it’s exciting to see what comes next for her.

Lou Emery is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. She likes to play with different styles within her work as she does not like to be put in a box. She takes inspiration from a wide range of artists and genres to create her own unique style that is versatile enough to connect with different groups of people. Lou Emery has been called an “anthem writer” in the past for her ability to write meaningful stories to catchy melodies and that is very clear from her song “Fools.” The song “Fools” is the fourth single of her upcoming EP, so keep your eyes open for what Lou Emery does next as she is an artist you don’t want to miss.

Written By Chantal Charles


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