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  • Megan Cao

Review: "For Hours" - Megan Burke

“For Hours” is a captivating bop and infectious listen that will literally be stuck in your head for hours. This soft pop embodies a smooth jazz style, dripping with sultry hooks and alluring production. Burke says goodbye to a lover who’s scorned her for the last time - she’s had enough of waiting for someone who doesn’t even give her the time of day. Burke’s catchy hooks follow you long after the song ends, embedding her own personal style and pizazz into a soundscape.

Burke’s stellar voice work shines brightly here, lighting up the track with her range and depth. Her playful vocals alongside the clever lyricism and catchy one-liners create a sound atmosphere instead of just a song. Burke’s clever wink at the 1980s style of disco and synthwave pair beautifully with her artistic vision, hypnotizing the listener to play it again and again. The effortless way Buke carries herself suggests years of performance experience and connecting with countless fans.

Megan Burke has built up an impressive online following on Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram, stacking hundreds of thousands of views for her authentic covers and originals. With racking up over 4.5 million views, she’s performed on various radio and TV shows, such as The Late Late Show and the 6’o Clock Show, among others. Besides her beautiful vocal timbre, the way she crafts her wild personality creates an intriguing aura and prompts ordinary listeners to become fans.

Written By Megan Cao



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