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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Forever Boy" - Rosa Raye

Rosa Raye tackles the woes of modern dating with her new single, "Forever Boy." In this age, it's common for there to be a lack of commitment in dating as people like to keep their options open. We're in a frustrating phase of situationships and hookup culture, leaving people who are looking for love and meaningful relationships frustrated. Raye addresses this in "Forever Boy," refusing to subscribe to the state of today's dating. She makes it clear she's done listening to bad advice, like needing a backup guy or pretending to not be too interested in someone. Raye states, “I think sometimes our fear of missing out or making the wrong choice actually means that we are missing out. If we're not fully present, and if we don't go "all in", we don't get to experience those great feelings and things on the other side of that door. I think there's power in making a choice and closing doors." "Forever Boy" makes it clear it's time to throw away modern dating rules and to stop being commitment-phobes.

"Forever Boy" is an upbeat, fresh new addition to the pop world. The track features funky guitar riffs and energetic beats, perfect for dancing your blues away. The catchy anthem quickly diffuses any pent up frustrations relating to modern dating, giving listeners an exuberant track to decompress to. Raye's smooth, mellifluous vocals deliver lyrics that will resonate with anyone tired of the modern dating atmosphere and/or cynical dating advice. The talented pop artist unpacks her exasperation from the dating world in the best way possible, providing an infectious song that will serve her and her fans as an outlet and escape from the modern dating nightmares.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Rosa Raye is a rising singer-songwriter with an upbringing that adds a Scandinavian twist to her sound—a sound that could have otherwise come out of LA or London. The pop artist infuses elements of R&B, soul, and electronic music into her songs, creating her distinctive sound. Powerful hooks, smooth vocals, and catchy melodies define her sound, supporting the relatable lyrics present in her music. Raye, an ambitious, driven artist, works hard to deliver messages of empowerment in her songs, representing herself as an honest friend to her fans. She often turns her personal experiences into songs, keeping her music open and approachable to listeners. Raye has previously been supported by Soundvenue (DK), Bands of Tomorrow (DK), and music blogs around the world. Releasing her first single on Spotify in 3 years with "Forever Boy," 2023 ushers in a new chapter for Raye, and hopefully there will be much more to come.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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