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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Freak Show" - Jager Henry

Jager Henry has released a fiery new pop punk anthem with his single, "Freak Show." The anthemic track features a powerful message, narrating a story of confronting haters and rising above them. "Freak Show" communicates a personifying motif of self-betterment in the face of adversity. Keeping on theme with some of his previous releases, Henry's latest addition to the pop punk world encourages listeners to overcome their inner turmoil and the opinions of others. "Freak Show" is paired with an entertaining music video, giving a playful take on the track's overall meaning.

"Freak Show" showcases attention-getting guitar licks and angsty vocals. The track oozes pop punk energy, dripping with an edge that's addictive to listen to. Keeping things energetic and aggressive, "Freak Show" is driven by fast-paced drums and gritty melodies. Henry's sound in "Freak Show" is comparable to an early Yungblud, combined with an essence of Machine Gun Kelly and Beauty School Dropout. This latest release is a must-listen for any pop punk fan—a high energy, face-melting hit ready to make anyone feel like they can take on a world full of haters and negative opinions.

Originally coming from the UK, Jager Henry spent most of his formative years in Florida. Henry comes from a line of music royalty and is carving his way into the pop punk world. Making a name for himself in the genre, his unique vocals, expressive lyrics, and captivating stage presence all contribute to his success. Henry has released 5 singles so far, embodying a theme of self-improvement in the face of challenges. The charismatic artist's songs "Breaking Down," "Hate Me, " and "Love Yourself (ft. Ray Luzier of Korn)" tackle issues involving mental health and the journey to personal well-being. His work conveys a theme of overcoming internal conflicts, striving for growth and healing. Not only is his work meaningful, but Henry has also pledged a portion of proceeds to charities providing mental health services to adolescents who don't otherwise have access to these services.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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