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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Friend" - Lucie Glang x Dominic Romano

There’s beauty in knowing that no matter what comes out of the future, a friend will always remain by your side. In this latest collaboration by artists Lucie Glang and Dominic Romano “Friend,” The track is a beautiful folk song that’s use of imagery of the changes within nature transports listeners into a journey of the unconditional love of friendship. What makes this song feel more uplifted by the power of friendship is the fact that the song is a collaboration between two artists, it’s that teamwork nature that comes out of the best relationships. The song itself is carried by sweet sounds and comforting vocals, and it’s certainly a song one could see themselves listening to at all times of the day. There’s a lot to love when it comes to “Friend” and it’s fun to explore the musical world Lucie Glang and Dominic Romano have created.

There’s a nostalgic tone in “Friend” that makes one feel transported into their childhood when the magic of finding forever friends is first introduced, and the theme of nature and its ever-changing features. It’s easy to grow fond of the musical arrangements of “Friend,” as it really does make one feel warmer. It’s also important to give credit to how wonderful Lucie Glang’s and Dominic Romano’s voices sound blended. Both have such incredible talent, and they can stand out on their own and also complement each other. The representation of changing seasons through the constant contrast between dark and light, or warm and cold, really pushes that narrative that friendship outlasts rain or shine. There’s a lot to appreciate about what has come out of Lucie Glang and Dominic Romano’s collaboration, as listening to “Friend” is an experience that is so worth it.

Lucie Glang is an artist based in Kiel, Germany, and Dominic Romano is an artist and producer based in Northern California. The collaboration came about through video chats and recording sessions in each respective party’s own space. It’s interesting to see how an international collaboration can come about. Both artists' musical style is primarily indie folk and it’s easy to see that because both artists mostly work in this genre their collaboration was able to work out so well. “Friend” is the first single off of Lucie Glang’s upcoming EP which is set to be released in June of 2024. “Friend” is an excellent track and we’ll be waiting to see what Lucie Glang and Dominic Romano do next.

Written By Chantal Charles



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