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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Friends" - Ari Dayan

Traveling from her original scenery and heading straight for the clouds, Ari Dayan brings her listeners “Friends”, a new release with a sensual and daydreamy feeling. It’s a big change from Dayan’s past music, but as she attempts this new vibe, she does it with a captivating power and immense talent. “Friends” deviates from her usual song meanings of learning to rise from the ashes of her past and relationships, takes a step away from the pain of learning from our experiences, and goes into the light by diving into the idea of reciprocated love. It’s sweet and warm, encapsulating a feeling of gentle but passionate emotion and showing us a side of her that craves the comfort of a love that loves her.

The song introduces itself to us with a hazy piano feeling, swirling around us and taking us with it on the song’s lyrical journey. With “Friends” Dayan moves away from heartbreak and talks about her belief that someone is falling for her regardless of their words. She states this when she sings, “I know it’s just me/But I don’t believe you when you say that/you’re falling for somebody else”. She’s longing to be the person of someone’s affections, potentially deluding herself with this melodious feeling and saying, “Then hoping is better/than knowing that we’ll just be friends”. It’s comforting and hopeful; the lyrics combine the backing vocals and her stunning, honey-esque voice to create a beautiful atmosphere we can easily get lost in.

Ari Dayan has been someone to watch for since her start—her music is stunning and worthy of the highest praises, as seen in her past releases like "Ashley" and "Good Reason". She’s fiery and confident, not afraid to be herself and to share that with her fans. She’s been dancing and performing since her youth, writing songs that capture hearts and hones a style we can’t find elsewhere. Ari Dayan is an icon with inspirations such as Stevie Nicks and Sia but uses her experiences to take that inspiration and make it her own. With “Friends” she enters a new section of her abilities and shows off just a little snippet of how talented she is.

Written by Jane Katryn



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